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Da Kine Mango Cobbler
camping recipe
Category: Desserts   Rating: 7
Backpacking: No Effort: easy Serves: 5-6 Prep time: 1-30m
  • 2 ripe mangoes;
  • 1 box Jiffy yellow cake mix;
  • brown sugar (optional);
  • ginger (fresh or ground);
  • butter or margarine;
  • anything else you want: coconut, pineapple, cinnamon, rum, macadamia nuts, etc.
How to Prepare:
Peel the mangoes and slice the fruit off the pit. Butter bottom of pot/pan. Spread a layer of mango slices on top. If your mango isn't quite ripe (red and yellow with a little green--"bellybutton" smells like a ripe mango too)you may want to add a little brown sugar. Add ginger and whatever else you like. Let the fruit heat on the fire until it gets a little bubbly.
In a bowl, cut about 1/2 stick of butter into the cake mix--maybe a little more or a little less--depending on whether you like it crunchy or gooey... Crumble the cake/butter mix on top of the fruit.

Invert the cast iron lid and place some ashed charcoal briquets on top (about 8-12). Bake until the crumbs are lightly brown on top.
Sent by: cv Date: 2004-06-17
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Rick De La Castro

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